Qi (pronounced chee) means lifeforce, it is the energy that makes your body function as a living organism. It is something you can feel concretely in your physical body as it moves through the fluids, nerves, fascia and other tissues. When we tune into the body in this way rather than as a mechanical object, we access our potential to become more fully alive and vibrant and can free ourselves from so many tensions and discomforts.

Qigong Classes starting January 2023

New students can have half price (£20) 121’s to introduce you to what I teach in the class and go over anything that is specific to you.

Fridays 10.45am – 12.00pm at West Hill Community Centre, Croft Road, Hastings, TN34 3JT

This is a mixed class of new beginners and intermediates. All ages and levels of fitness are welcome, if you get tired you can rest or do the exercises sitting. Contact Russell on 0730 656 2345 or email info@taichihastings.com. Experience and qualifications here.

Cost will be on a sliding scale of £3-£10 per class, so pay what you can depending on your circumstances.

Classes will focus on:

  • Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong. This is a great set to introduce you to Qigong and feeling Qi. It helps keep your body loose and comfortable while increasing energy levels.  What is Qigong?
  • Opening the Energy Gates Qigong. This introduces you to the deeper Neigong (inner workings) of Qigong and Tai Chi. Develop powerful yet soft and relaxed internal energy. 

Russell Pond

Hello, my name is Russell Pond, I have trained in meditation and qigong (an ancient Chinese health system that includes tai chi), mainly with Master Bruce Frantzis and his senior instructors, and would love to share with you these wonderful ways of creating vibrant health and well being. I have one public class and 121’s are a fantastic way to get an optimal regular practise going that will give you the maximum return for the effort and time you put in. £20-50 per 1-1.5 hour session (pay according to your circumstances). Contact Russell on 0730 656 2345 or email info@taichihastings.com. Experience and qualifications here.


What is Qigong?

Qigong works both physically and energetically. Physically, you will learn how to lengthen and release the various soft tissues of the body in a soothing rhythmical way which feels much like getting a gentle massage. This brings relief from pain and heals many of the persistent health problems that come from stuck fascia (sheets of connective tissue beneath the skin). You will also learn precise body alignments for optimum health and powerful ways to get the fluids (blood, lymph, joint fluid etc.) of the body moving. The fluid systems of the body play a huge role in our physical and emotional health so being able to deliberately enhance their functioning is one of the greatest benefits of qigong.

Energetically I will show you how to experience for yourself what qi is (pronounced “chee”, qi is the Chinese word for life force or energy), how to feel qi in your aura, and how to move qi inside and outside of your body to really boost energy levels and heal discomforts and disease.

The state of our mind depends on the flow of our qi so coordinating our energy also helps our mind to much more easily relax and let go leading to fruitful efforts and success with sitting meditation. Success with meditation then leads to a greater ability to feel qi and practise qigong, so we have a reinforcing circle. (See videos below)

Relaxation in Qigong

Relaxation is a huge deal in qigong, tai chi and meditation but this is nothing like the normal understanding of ‘relax’ in our culture. Relaxing activities and external exercise help a little with the quite extreme amount of stress most of us carry around but they also tend to simply cover up the stress and we go progressively more numb needing more and more stimulation to feel anything. What qigong can do for you is give you a way to become directly aware of your nervous system then permanently release the stress and habitual tension stuck in there. Also, practising qigong long term will change the whole way your nervous system functions and responds to external or internal pressures in the first place.


Classes also include sitting and standing meditation. The ideal model of health in Taoism is the baby (not the Olympic athlete!), this class will show you how to return to the full and natural breathing of a baby, where the whole body expands and closes with each breath massaging all your internal organs and regulating many different systems in the body that govern our physical and emotional well being. This releases stress, regulates emotional energy and dramatically raises energy levels and the ability to maintain relaxed concentration. Any health problem you have will benefit from being able to breathe well.

Standing meditation is a very effective way to come out of your head and into your body, this is done by focusing on precise body alignments, breathing, and feeling through the body with the mind. It will enable you to become radically more aware of your body and its energies, release tension, and improve posture and subtle body alignments to maximise health and energy.

Fridays with Russell Pond  


A taste of what you will learn..


Training & Qualifications

2022 –
Weekly Wu Style Tai Chi and Qigong classes with Matthew Brewer, Senior Instructor of Bruce Frantzis

2011 –
Ongoing participation in Tao Space Live with Master Bruce Frantzis

2001 – 2018
Various Meditation Retreats mainly with Chogyal Namkhai Norbu who teaches Dzogchen. This is similar to the Water Method of Meditation in Taoism

Online course in Qigong for Back, Neck and Shoulder pain with Bruce Frantzis.

Online Dragon and Tiger Course with Bill Ryan

1998 – 2005
Various 6-day retreats and seminars with Master Bruce Kumar Frantzis. Covering Qigong, Tai Chi, Ba Gua Zhang, Qigong Tui Na (Chinese Energetic Massage) and Taoist Meditation.

Qualified as an Instructor for Marriage of Heaven and Earth Chi Gung. Intensive 3 week instructor training course with Master Bruce Kumar Frantzis

1998 – 2002
Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong, Opening the Energy Gates Qigong and Wu Style Tai Chi Instructor training apprenticeship completed at Real Taoism with Chris Chappell.

Teaching Experience

2005 –
Teaching public classes and 121’s

Teaching Qigong and Tai Chi for Hastings Chinese Association

2013 – 2015
Teaching Qigong at WRVS, St Leonards on Sea

2003 – 2004
Teaching Tai Chi for older people with Kensington and Chelsea Adult Education

2001 – 2003
Teaching Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation at The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London