Qigong and Tai Chi

Qigong (chi gung) and Tai Chi relax and regulate the central nervous system, releasing physical and emotional stress, and promoting mental and emotional wellbeing. They are suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and are highly effective regenerative exercises that help restore the functionality, vitality, stamina and flexibility of youth. Secondly, if you are already healthy you can use the sophisticated internal methods of qigong and tai chi to heighten body awareness and dramatically increase performance in sports and other physical activities. Thirdly, they can be done as moving meditations to develop mindfulness and as a gateway to more advanced meditation and spiritual practise.


Classes taught by Caroline Martin

Classes in Hastings

Caroline has been practising Tai Chi and Qigong for three years, including an intensive year of one-to-one lessons and teacher training with Russell Pond, and is an EnergyArts certified instructor in Gods Playing in the Clouds. She specialises in teaching Tai Chi Circling Hands, Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong and Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong.

Contact Caroline on 07903 217658 or email info@taichihastings.com. Available for one-to-one lessons.

Russell Pond

Russell Pond founded Tai Chi Hastings. He has trained for fifteen years in Qigong and Meditation and has been teaching for the last ten years. He has had many teachers, his main teacher being B K Frantzis.

Meditation Teacher 1

Currently I have no group classses but can show you in two 1-2 hour private sessions, two fundamental qigong movements*, and use these to introduce you to many of the big internal principles that make up Qigong and Tai Chi. You will then have enough to start a regular Qigong practise, and also a solid foundation so if you go to group classes and learn longer more complicated forms you will have some understanding of how to make them work for you internally which is where the real benefits come from. Of course you could also choose to carry on with regular or occasional 121’s with me to learn a complete Qigong set.

The main focus during the lessons is to give you some experiences of what you are trying to manifest in your body-mind. These experiences then become the seeds you need to begin and grow your own personal practise.

*The first moves from Dragon and Tiger Qigong and Tai Chi Circling Hands, you can see both of these in the videos below.

Cost is £40 per session. Contact Russell on 07505 026541 or email info@taichihastings.com.


A taste of what you will learn..



There are new classes starting April 2017, on Mondays and Tuesdays. Call Caroline on 07903 217658 or email info@taichihastings.com for more details.

Mondays 11-11:45am  Tuesdays – Details TBA


Training & Qualifications – Caroline Martin

2016 – 3 week intensive retreat with Master Bruce Frantzis

1 week – Standing Qigong

1 week – Bagua, Introduction to Circle Walking and Single Palm Change

1 week – Taoist Meditation – Sealing the senses

2 days – Taoist Meditation – Interactive Practices and Sexual Meditation

2015 –
Monthly Dragon and Tiger Qigong workshops with Paul Cavel

2014 –
Ongoing participation in the Energy Arts Training Circle with Bruce Frantzis

2013 –
Qigong Instructor Training Apprenticeship with Russell Pond
Dzogchen Meditation Retreats with Chogyal Namkhai Norbu

Passed 3 week intensive Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong Instructor Training with Bruce Frantzis
6-day retreat on Yantra Yoga and Pranayamas with John Renshaw
Wu Style Tai Chi 6 week course with Brian Cooper
Tui Na workshop with Bruce Frantzis
Yang Style Tai Chi workshop with Bruce Frantzis

Monthly Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong workshops with Paul Cavel
Standing Qigong workshop with Bruce Frantzis

2012 – 2014
Weekly Tai Chi classes with Lynne Wood

Teaching Experience

2014 –
Teaching Qigong for the over 50’s at AmicusHorizon, Bevin Court, St Leonards on Sea


Training & Qualifications – Russell Pond

Santi one-to-one lessons with Ben Gilbert

2011 –
Ongoing participation in the Energy Arts Training Circle with Bruce Frantzis
Dragon and Tiger Course with Bill Ryan
Yoga classes with Maddy Scott

2001 –
Various Meditation Retreats mainly with Chogyal Namkhai Norbu who teaches Dzogchen. This is similar to the Water Method of Meditation in Taoism

1998 – 2006
Various 6-day retreats and seminars with Master Bruce Kumar Frantzis

Qualified as an Instructor for Marriage of Heaven and Earth Chi Gung. Intensive 3 week instructor training course with Master Bruce Kumar Frantzis

1998 – 2002
Energy Gates Qigong and Wu Style Tai Chi Instructor training apprentiship completed at Real Taoism with Chris Chappell.

Teaching Experience

2013 – 2015
Teaching Qigong and Tai Chi at WRVS, St Leonards on Sea

2005 –
Teaching privately, mostly one-to-one and small groups

2003 – 2004
Teaching Tai Chi for older people with Kensington and Chelsea Adult Education

2001 – 2003
Teaching Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation at The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London