Yoga for Tai Chi

“No matter whether you learn Neijia or Waijia, you should first develop flexibility of legs and waist. Once you have these basics you can make faster progress in Neijia. Hence some kind of Waijia practice – Wushu basics – can be helpful for your Neijia. Of course these basics can be also acquired through pure Neijia practice, but it takes more time. Waijia can be considered a shortcut in learning basics. There is however a difference – flexibility you get through Bagua practice comes out naturally along the practice process and cannot be lost, while in Waijia flexibility of legs comes from regular stretching – once you give up stretching exercises the flexibility decreases very fast – usually after three months without practice the flexibility is gone. In Bagua once you can walk in the Lower Basin (Xia Pan) the flexibility of legs greatly increases.”